From The Buddha To Christ

by Johan Trisanjaya From the Buddha to Christ—A Young Man’s Journey to the Ancient Christian Church My name is Johan Trisanjaya. I am of Javanese ethnicity  in Indonesia. I was born in 1982 in the village of Prigi in Central Java. I was raised in a Buddhist family; my father  is a government servant and my mother is a house wife. Most people in our village are Muslim, but many adhere  to Buddhism. As a Buddhist, I was so active that I was appointed as the President of the Buddhist Youth Association. The essence of Buddhist teaching is “to love without limit”,  where the law of deeds (“karma”) is emphasized, in which  all our … [Read more...]

The Story Of A Javanese Priest

I am Fr. Antonios from central Java. I am a married priest with one wife: Presbytera Marina , and one son (Ireneus ) and two daughters (Paraskevi and Kyriaki). Ireneus and Paraskevi are in the university, while Kyriaki is still in the primary school. Before I tell my story, I think I should tell you about my Javanese culture so that you can understand where I come from. Javanese people comprise the largest ethnic group of more than 350 ethnic groups in Indonesia. The Javanese have their own language that is completely different from the national language of Indonesia, the Bahasa Indonesia. There are more than 350 different separate … [Read more...]

Mission in Bali

by Fr. Aleksander Kobesi This comes to us from the Indonesian Orthodox Church in Bali. You can find the original article here. I and my family are converts to the Orthodox faith. I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic. By the Grace of God, I was ordained to be an Orthodox priest on June, 27th, 2009 in Holy Trinity Church of Solo-Central Java by Metropolitan HILARION. I was assigned by Fr. Daniel Byantoro, with the blessing of His Eminence, to serve the new missionary community in Bali, Indonesia. I am married; my wife’s name is Mary Victory. We have two daughters, Mary Grace, six years old, and Grecent of Myra,two years … [Read more...]