Met. Joseph Commemorates 30th Anniversary of EOC Reception into Antiochian Archdiocese

Beloved in Christ, We greet you with great joy as we embark upon this new Lenten journey which lies ahead. Before us lies a strenuous path leading to the Feast of the Holy Resurrection of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ. May your journey be blessed! This year marks the 30th anniversary of an important event in the life of our Archdiocese. I do not want to let this event pass without remembering and giving thanks to God for it. Beginning in early 1987, over two-thousand members of the former Evangelical Orthodox Church were received with open arms into the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America. Over the course of several … [Read more...]

Beauty, Mystery, and Divine Magnetism: A Conversion Story

by Silouan A conversion story sure to open some eyes, and some hearts. I often hear stories from people I’ve met along the way about the path that lead them to Orthodoxy. More often than not‚ these stories involve books by particular authors or saints whose writings made an influence on their perspective and opened them up to the wealth of the teachings of the Church. These are stories of beautiful and brilliant minds seeking truth amidst the pages of history‚leaving no stone unturned until they found the true path. I sincerely wish I could give you such a brave story of my conversion. The thing is‚ I can’t manage to retrace my steps … [Read more...]

Mass Orthodox Baptism in Congo

From 29th August to 17in held the Seminary Synaxis of Orthodox Church priests, the Holy Metropolis of Central Africa. The congregation took place at the premises of missionary Kanagka Centre in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There were issues recommendations, until now examined the course of missionary effort and the pastoral care of the people. The Holy Synaxis gave attention to the problems and difficulties faced by priests and mission in the work of evangelization of Congo, and several solutions were proposed. The older priests reported their experiences and gave appropriate advice to their juniors. Etonisthi the contribution … [Read more...]

My Journey to the Ancient Church, Part Four

by Jeremiah LANDING GEAR IS DOWN — I’M COMING HOME After years of feeling spiritually homeless I knew where I belonged. Keeping with an early tradition of the Church in which many converts were brought in the day before Pascha (Easter), I was chrismated on Holy Saturday and partook of my first communion on Pascha. It was a cold, wet morning, but nothing could quench the fire within; I was exploding with life, joy, and love. No longer was I part of the nameless, placeless, faceless tribe! I wanted to embrace the entire world and shout to them about the love of Christ that I found in Orthodoxy. During those initial months, I probably … [Read more...]