From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 5

by David Scott KlajicSearching for OrthodoxyAfter I got back from my second deployment, we had a series of awkward conversations with the RC priest where were worshipping. When he informed me that I needed to "re-do" my conversion, I think he expected me to jump right on it. Instead, I basically said"um, no thanks. I think this happened for a reason."Very shortly after that, I did an internet search for Orthodox churches in the Austin area. I found a Russian one (Fr. Aidan Kellers parish in Pflugerville), a ROCOR church, an Antiocian one and a few others.But Holy Apostle and Evangelist St Lukes Serbian Parish, for some reason did not come up … [Read more...]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 4

by David Scott KlajicOne More DeploymentShortly after, I was deployed again for six months. I attended Catholic mass (they had no Eastern Catholic presence there) and tried my best to be a part of the congregation. During Pascha, a navy Orthodox chaplain came to visit and I asked the Catholic priest there if it was OK for me to attend the liturgy on Pascha. He said it was fine, and in fact appeared to know nothing about the Eastern Church. The navy chaplain (Antiochian) gave me a chotki that he told me was very special to him. It was hand made by monks in a Serbian monastery.I started reading voracious amounts of church history. The canons, … [Read more...]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 3

by David Scott KlajicGet an Annulment?The Presbyterian Church we had been attending proved to be too far for us and our little growing family. So, although it freaked me out, my wife asked me if I was OK with attending at the local Catholic Church. I was in another faith waning slump, so I figured it would be fine.It is important to understand that I was married to a real-life woman who had her own spiritual journey to go through. You cannot be in a serious marriage and live your inner life in a vacuum. She was seeking something too, and we were both broken up about my dad. She asked me if I would be willing to speak to the priest there about … [Read more...]

From the Church of Christ to the Orthodox Church: Part 2

by David Scott KlajicDivorce, the Army and a Decade in the Spiritual WildernessAs mentioned earlier, I spent two years in graduate school, learning Christian counseling. I was married to my first wife at the time, another lifelong Church of Christ member.Toward the end of my time in the seminary, I had approached the elders of our congregation about turning my internship (which I was doing there) into a full-time counseling ministry. This meant I was making my unpaid work into a full time job with the church. I had pitched it to them and they agreed. So I spent the next 6 months or so drumming up and securing the funding that would eventually … [Read more...]