A Journey Of Faith In New Zealand

by Alexandra Wood When I was a little girl it was still possible to teach Scripture in schools and even people who did not attend church were happy for their children to be taught. I remember as a child of eight or nine that I pictured in my mind one night the Mount of Olives with a bright full moon and a grove of trees and Jesus praying.  I was very moved. We heard "The Man Born to Be King" by Dorothy L Sayers on the radio, not the original 1940 broadcast of course!  There was a very good TV series called "Jesus of Nazareth" which was repeated several times on the BBC I think. William … [Read more...]

A Little Here – A Little There

A Pilgrimage from West to East and back to the West Again. by Gregory Theophan Hoffman As far as I can remember, I have always been a seeker for “something more:” Something more than what I had, what was offered, and what I knew.I have always been an idealist to one degree or another, despite my own inconsistencies. As early as twelve years of age, I first joined a group of friends in experimenting with the dark side of the occult. This did not last very long, since I was quickly frightened away into a seemingly more benign form of occultism and began experimenting with Hinduism as well. This search also included the regular use of … [Read more...]

Episcopal Congregation Embraces Orthodox Faith

A new Orthodox Christian church is forming in north Oklahoma City. Mark Wallace, a former Charismatic Episcopal priest, is leading his former congregants through becoming an Orthodox Christian congregation. Wallace and many members of his former Holy Trinity Charismatic Episcopal Church are taking classes and attending services at St. Elijah Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church, 15000 N May. “I have no doubt in my mind that Orthodoxy has something to offer in American life. It’s the best kept secret,” he said. Wallace said his journey toward Orthodox Christianity began last year when he became troubled by events within the … [Read more...]

The Personal Story of Fr. George Johnson

by Fr. George Johnson I am a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, serving in the cathedral of St John the Baptist in Washington, D.C. There are some almost uncanny parallels between our lives, even down to the grumpy choir directors. I was (and sometimes still am) the grumpy choir director, however. I became interested and involved in Anglicanism through a singing job in a "high" church in 1968. At the time, my focus was primarily musical. My parents were devout Southern Baptists, and, while I now appreciate their humility and devotion, in my youth I did not so much. The Episcopal Church offered an escape from the music and … [Read more...]