On Going It Alone

by Angela Doll Carson Next in our series on women coming into the Orthodox faith without their husbands, this article is actually an excerpt from Chapter 9 of Angela's book, Nearly Orthodox, which you can purchase from Ancient Faith Publishing, and from Amazon. Our thanks to Angela for allowing us to republish it. Buy her book as a way of saying thanks! Follow: On Going It Alone The beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image. —Thomas Merton The hardest part of the journey, harder than the struggles with prayer and fasting, harder than figuring out … [Read more...]

A Major Minority: Converting without Your Spouse

This is the first of the articles we received after a call for stories about women who converted to Orthodoxy without their husbands, and the difficult, but surprisingly blessed, road they faced. by EmiliaWhen I initially heard the call for stories of Orthodox women who are married and converted without their husbands, I was more than a little surprised that this happens often enough to warrant a collection of stories. I thought I was in the minority. Perhaps the minority isn't so minor after all.First, a little background on who I am, on my husband, and on our marriage, before I begin about my journey to Orthodoxy. I am choosing to remain … [Read more...]