The Most Powerful Weapon

by Stavros Belesiotis Sometimes it is extremely difficult and frustrating as such to open up and share some of your experiences with others that you haven’t even met before. But this time I thought it was a great opportunity for me to reveal some of my past experiences to those who would be interested in finding more about Orthodoxy and the pure spirituality that Orthodoxy offers to those that currently support it. As the Greek term ‘Orthodoxy’ suggests those who are baptised and chrismated Orthodox Christians are strong believers of the ‘right faith’. This was something that I forgot, unfortunately, last … [Read more...]

The Father Of Lights

By Constantine Georgiades A team of 120 members of the London Robbery Squad arrested me, my builder and electrician in Devon on 17th April 1991. I had to strip, put on white paper suit and wait in a cold empty cell for 3 days and then I was charged with various conspiracy offenses and remanded in custody at Exeter Prison. I had often driven past the prison and had never considered that one day I might be a guest of Her Majesty! As an ex-policeman, I was warned to ask for the '43's' by the escorting officer, but I really hadn't understood what that meant. A mistake had been made and I felt sure that it was only a matter of time before I … [Read more...]