“Did You Consider Roman Catholicism?”

Part Two from the "Becoming Orthodox" blog. A fellow convert recently asked us this question. It took me by surprise. No, we did not come anywhere near the consideration of Roman Catholicism. There’s a multitude of reasons why it was never even on our radar: Both of us have fathers who were raised RC and subsequently left the church to become Protestant My interactions with my staunchly RC grandparents were always less than stellar The Papacy always seemed like a fraud (though admittedly – I grew up in a biased environment) We both knew enough about the Protestant Reformation to know that there were many problems within … [Read more...]

Before And After Conversion

Father Gregory Cognetti (who fell asleep in the Lord April 14 - Holy Tuesday - 1998) led Italy to the Deanery of the Moscow Patriarchate in times of great difficulty for our faithful. The texts that follow (first appeared in the U.S.) is testimony of his integrity and commitment of faith in the revival of Orthodoxy in Italy. I am a professor of biology, and faculty member at the University of Palermo (Italy), but above all an Orthodox priest. I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family, devout and traditional. In the past, many members of my family were priests, nuns, and even bishops.  My godfather was a cardinal!  I was educated in a … [Read more...]

The Journey To Antioch: Part Two

by Clifton Healy Despite my best efforts to care for my wife’s spiritual needs as well as to heed the very clear call from God to prioritize faith and discipleship, I frequently failed to accomplish much of either. On 9 February 2003, I was back at All Saints again. And once again, I was confronted with another “St. Anthony moment.” This time it was the Matins Gospel, John 21:15-25. Here I was Peter, being asked of Christ, “Do you love me more than these?” I was not being called to trample on my wife’s sensibilities. I was not called to “go it alone” into the Orthodox Church. But I was called to put Christ first, to focus … [Read more...]

Why I Left Evangelicalism for Orthodoxy

by Trevon Wax Theron Mathis is an unassuming, soft-spoken man in his thirties with a winsome manner and a pleasant smile. His story begins in the buckle of the Bible belt. Both he and his wife grew up in a conservative Baptist churches, his wife’s being Landmarkist in theology (meaning it holds the belief that the Baptist Church is the only true church.) He attended college at Liberty University, a hub for Christianity that leans right both theologically and politically. He attended two Southern Baptist seminaries (Southeastern and Southern) in the late 1990’s, and at one point, felt called to be a Baptist preacher. … [Read more...]