My Conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy

by Paul SauerMy conversion to Eastern Orthodox Christianity began at a Protestant seminary.While studying at Westminster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania, a staunchly Calvinistic school, I was deeply troubled by the apparent contradiction between the Calvinist doctrine of the Absolute Sovereign control of God over all things, including human affairs, and the requirement for a human free will sufficiently robust to justify attribution of moral responsibility to mature, mentally competent people.It was not that the professors at Westminster didn't affirm both of these things, but rather that I couldn't see how they could do so … [Read more...]

Taking the Plunge and Attending Liturgy

Part Three from the "Becoming Orthodox" blog. When my husband and I first learned about Orthodoxy we initially brushed it aside as “too Catholic.” We saw pictures of Divine Liturgy at a nearby parish and I told him in an email “Don’t think I could get into this. Maybe I could if I lived in Europe and had an old-world kind of lifestyle.” The pomp and circumstance of the Liturgy just seemed so far from what I was accustomed to in my modern suburban life. As a Protestant I couldn’t relate to a style of worship that contained anything visually ornate. We had read a lot about Orthodoxy and I think we could have continued down … [Read more...]

Michael Bauman’s Journey to Orthodoxy

by Michael Bauman The conversion story is a unique form of literature in that it is always a story of coming into the light. The movement may be slow and steady or expressed in a moment with one amazing encounter. Our discursive language and the fact that even in such brilliant flashes as St. Paul’s meeting with Christ on the road to Damascus we are still mostly blind always make our stories incomplete. I have an advantage in that I am writing twenty three years after being received into the Church by the grace of God. My journey began in July of 1947 with an act of love, it is still going on, I don’t expect it will end. However, in … [Read more...]

Missionaries for Chinese students in Moscow

The missionary movement associated with Fr Daniil Sysoyev is promoting a number of cultural and religious initiatives among Chinese students in Russia. Fr Sysoyev is the Orthodox Russian Orthodox priest who was shot four times and killed by an unknown gunman in his Moscow church last November. A guided visit to the Monastery of Saint Sergii for Chinese residents in Moscow was one of the first steps taken by the “Prophet Daniil movement”. “We believe that the Lord did not bring foreign guests to our city only to work or study, but also to learn more about Orthodoxy,” said theologian Yury Maximov, leader of the … [Read more...]