The Atheist Who Venerated A Saint

by Dionysios Petros I was originally baptised and brought up in the Church of England, (born and baptised in Zimbabwe, but came to England at 8 months old.  My mother's family being Church of England, in fact my Grandfather was a Canon in Westminster Abbey, for quite some time my Mothers family lived inside the Abbey.  Later my Grandfather became the Vicar of Leeds where I grew up so my family had a long tradition of being Anglican. In the first years of my life, my parents, (by the way I was adopted at birth), divorced. After the divorce, my mother, brother, and myself lived with … [Read more...]

The Thorny Path To God

An interview with Elena Skorokhodova — actress, film director, and playwright An accomplished actress on stage (sixteen years in the Pushkin Theatre, Moscow) and screen, Elena Skorokhodova is also a director, writer, and author of plays, including the prizewinning, Don't Throw Ashes on the Floor. Her creative talent has led her to an acute perception of the unfolding drama of individuals along her life's path, and the fate of her country. – Elena, tell us about how you came to faith in God? – I would have to tell you my entire life story in order for it to make sense. I was born in an atheistic soviet family. By the way, that atheism … [Read more...]

The Himalayan Ascent To Christ

By Ryassophore Monk Adrian When we come to know God as Person, we begin to see His hand at work not only in the circumstances of our daily lives, but also in the events of our past which have led us to the present moment. We see how from partial truths He has led us to the fullness of Truth, and how He continues to lead us into a more profound realization of that Truth. As Fr. Seraphim Rose wrote, when we come to Christ “no real truth we have ever known will ever be lost.” Surrounded by five of the highest peaks in the Himalayas, I was standing at 14,000 feet gazing at the Annapurna mountains as the sun rose. My trek in … [Read more...]