Michael Bauman’s Journey to Orthodoxy

by Michael Bauman The conversion story is a unique form of literature in that it is always a story of coming into the light. The movement may be slow and steady or expressed in a moment with one amazing encounter. Our discursive language and the fact that even in such brilliant flashes as St. Paul’s meeting with Christ on the road to Damascus we are still mostly blind always make our stories incomplete. I have an advantage in that I am writing twenty three years after being received into the Church by the grace of God. My journey began in July of 1947 with an act of love, it is still going on, I don’t expect it will end. However, in … [Read more...]

Protestant Church Worker goes “East”

I never would have imagined that I would be Eastern Orthodox. Like many Christians in America, I didn’t know much about Eastern Orthodoxy for most of my life... by Jeff & Patti Morrison Even as a history major, Orthodoxy was taught in a very limited fashion. I knew there were Catholics—I was baptized in that church, and grew up Catholic for about 7 years. And I knew there were Protestants and that there were thousands of types of them. I knew I struggled with the lack of unity in the Church, and all the denominations, and everyone saying they based their doctrines on the Bible— “I stand alone on the Word of God” …and yet there … [Read more...]

The Thirsty Pilgrim’s Journey

by Joshua Garrett From the blogGarrett blog, the story of one man's journey from Oral Roberts University into the Orthodox faith. I hesitate in writing this because my journey is not over, and in many ways it is only beginning.  But my family’s conversion to Orthodox Christianity has puzzled many friends and family members.  Few know what to make of it.  I am not sure I know what to make of it yet.  But over the past several months many people have asked me about my story.  Often I make it quick, just hitting the highlights, but not addressing the core issues.  These issues often are perceived as divisive and usually ought not be … [Read more...]

My Road To Eastern Orthodoxy

by Nikolai Venter I had been born into a well-known Protestant Sabbatarian sect. My grand father had been one of that Church’s foremost Evangelists of the early twentieth century in South Africa, and my father was a Pastor, Church Administrator, Editor, and Translator for them in Cape Town, South Africa. I attended church owned schools, and all my friends were in that church. I lived in a narrow world, and we were warned not to associate with people “in the world”; because that would corrupt us and we would fall away from Jesus, and be “lost”. In 1998, the Internet entered my life, and my world perspective was radically … [Read more...]