The Vision Through The Door

by Fr. Dcn John-Mark Titterington We all have a story which defines us. It is not a history, nor even a biography which starts with date of birth and moves on to the end of the road. Our story resides in our heart and tells us who we are in the world and how we fit in. The story develops as we grow older and one thing is certain -- our story has a deciding influence on our actions, thoughts and decisions. Allow me, then, to tell my story as I see it. My parents were what was used to be called "high-church Anglicans" and I was introduced gradually into their way of worshipping. This involved, … [Read more...]

A Journey Of Faith In New Zealand

by Alexandra Wood When I was a little girl it was still possible to teach Scripture in schools and even people who did not attend church were happy for their children to be taught. I remember as a child of eight or nine that I pictured in my mind one night the Mount of Olives with a bright full moon and a grove of trees and Jesus praying.  I was very moved. We heard "The Man Born to Be King" by Dorothy L Sayers on the radio, not the original 1940 broadcast of course!  There was a very good TV series called "Jesus of Nazareth" which was repeated several times on the BBC I think. William … [Read more...]

More Protestants Find a Home in Orthodoxy

LINTHICUM HEIGHTS, Md. — Cal Oren was threading his way through the Santa Cruz Mountains of California early one evening in 1993, driving his wife, brother and three tired children back from a day of hiking amid the redwoods. As their car neared the town of Ben Lomond, Mr. Oren said, his brother pointed to a church on the roadside and said: “I’ve been inside this. It’s really neat.” So Mr. Oren pulled to a stop, and as the children stayed in the car, the grown-ups gingerly padded into the sanctuary of Saints Peter and … [Read more...]

The Journey To Antioch: Part Two

by Clifton Healy Despite my best efforts to care for my wife’s spiritual needs as well as to heed the very clear call from God to prioritize faith and discipleship, I frequently failed to accomplish much of either. On 9 February 2003, I was back at All Saints again. And once again, I was confronted with another “St. Anthony moment.” This time it was the Matins Gospel, John 21:15-25. Here I was Peter, being asked of Christ, “Do you love me more than these?” I was not being called to trample on my wife’s sensibilities. I was not called to “go it alone” into the Orthodox Church. But I was called to put Christ first, to focus … [Read more...]