A Little Here – A Little There

A Pilgrimage from West to East and back to the West Again. by Gregory Theophan Hoffman As far as I can remember, I have always been a seeker for “something more:” Something more than what I had, what was offered, and what I knew.I have always been an idealist to one degree or another, despite my own inconsistencies. As early as twelve years of age, I first joined a group of friends in experimenting with the dark side of the occult. This did not last very long, since I was quickly frightened away into a seemingly more benign form of occultism and began experimenting with Hinduism as well. This search also included the regular use of … [Read more...]

Before And After Conversion

Father Gregory Cognetti (who fell asleep in the Lord April 14 - Holy Tuesday - 1998) led Italy to the Deanery of the Moscow Patriarchate in times of great difficulty for our faithful. The texts that follow (first appeared in the U.S.) is testimony of his integrity and commitment of faith in the revival of Orthodoxy in Italy. I am a professor of biology, and faculty member at the University of Palermo (Italy), but above all an Orthodox priest. I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family, devout and traditional. In the past, many members of my family were priests, nuns, and even bishops.  My godfather was a cardinal!  I was educated in a … [Read more...]

Personal Testimony of Fr Seraphim Holland

by Fr. Seraphim Holland I am a convert to Orthodoxy, and the next Holy Saturday (in 1996) will be the 16th anniversary of my baptism. I am an Orthodox priest, having been ordained just before Great Lent, this year (1995) after having been a deacon for 5 years. I am married, and have four children, Genevieve:14, Christina:11, Tim:8 and Natalie:5. My Matushka is Marina. I serve in the Mission parish of St. Nicholas, a community under the omophorion of Bishop Hilarion of Washington, in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. Our community is almost entirely convert in makeup, and all of our services are in English. I was raised … [Read more...]

Strange Fire

by Fr. Barnabas Powell In this, the first of a series of four articles on Pentecostalism and his journey to the Orthodox faith, Fr. Barnabas Powell sets the stage for his own spiritual odyssey. STRANGE FIRE Recently, Dr. Vincent Synan, Dean of the Divinity School and Regent University and long time historian of the Pentecostal and Charismatics movements, commented on the explosive growth of the Pentecostal movement across the increasingly Christian Southern Hemisphere by saying that those who want to deal with Christians will not be able to ignore the Pentecostals since they are on track to become the predominant expression of the … [Read more...]