How Christ Changed A Muslim Imam

It doesn't get any better than this. Enjoy, and proclaim the Gospel! This is the story of a man who used to seek out Christians on the way to Church to beat them, now, after an encounter with Christ, has left Islam and is studying and working as a missionary! Thanks be to God! Thanks be to God - a whole new generation of St. Pauls! … [Read more...]

Muslim Clerics Leave Islam, Embrace Christianity

From Fr. Zakaria Boutros! Muslim clerics in the Middle East and North Africa are leaving Islam for Christianity, according to Father Zakaria Boutros. Father Zakaria is an Egyptian Coptic priest who was kicked out of his country for converting Muslims to Christ. Today he has a ministry to the Muslim world through his satellite TV broadcast, 'Truth Talk.' Broadcast daily into the Middle East, the program challenges Muslims to examine their faith and encourages them to discuss issues in an Internet chat room on Pal Talk. Watch the interview to learn how those broadcasts are leading Muslim clerics to Christ. More evidence that the Holy … [Read more...]

Converts to Orthodoxy increase, while converts to Islam decrease in Russia

Interfax - The percentage of Orthodox believers went up from 70% to 75% in Russia in 2009, reaching the highest level since the beginning of measurements, the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center told Interfax. When asked about their religious affiliation, 5% of the respondents named Islam (from 7% the year before), and less than 1% named Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, and Buddhism. The number of atheists in 2009 went down to 8% from 16% in 2006. The overwhelming majority of Orthodox Russians (84%) have been baptized. At the same time, over one-third of those who consider themselves atheists (39%) have also been … [Read more...]