From The Buddha To Christ

by Johan Trisanjaya From the Buddha to Christ—A Young Man’s Journey to the Ancient Christian Church My name is Johan Trisanjaya. I am of Javanese ethnicity  in Indonesia. I was born in 1982 in the village of Prigi in Central Java. I was raised in a Buddhist family; my father  is a government servant and my mother is a house wife. Most people in our village are Muslim, but many adhere  to Buddhism. As a Buddhist, I was so active that I was appointed as the President of the Buddhist Youth Association. The essence of Buddhist teaching is “to love without limit”,  where the law of deeds (“karma”) is emphasized, in which  all our … [Read more...]

Sponsor A Young Preacher Now!

Happy New Year, Everyone, and Good News! This Theophany, young Orthodox preachers will be participating in the Festival of Young Preachers, an annual festival held by Dwight Moody’s Academy of Preachers. The Academy is a national partner of the Preachers Institute, the world's premier online Orthodox Christian Homiletics resource. This is an annual opportunity for young Christian preachers, aged 16-28, to come together, flex their intellects, share and sharpen skills in proclaiming Christ crucified and risen. Last year, which was the first year of the festival, there was one Orthodox participant. The rich tradition of young Orthodox … [Read more...]

“Why I Am Not An Atheist”

An Interview With Dcn. Andrei Kurayev By Nadezhda Pronina Feb 9, 2007 The Voice of Russia Why I Am Not A Christian? — this is the title of the popular book by the celebrated English mathematician and philosopher Bertrand Russell, which has been translated into many languages. For our program, however, we have chosen a title similar in form, but essentially opposite in meaning — "Why I Am Not An Atheist?" The guest of our program today is Andrew Kurayev, deacon at one of the churches in Moscow, lecturer at several institutions of higher education, professor, philosopher and theologian. But Father Andrei objects to being described as a … [Read more...]

For The Children’s Sake

by Tara McNeeley “Let the little children come to Me and do not forbid them; for such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14 It’s about 8:30 at night in our home and a book has been read, prayers have been said, and everyone is settling down to sleep. All of a sudden I hear a little voice singing in a bedroom. Now to many parents the thought may cross their mind (as it does mine many times), “it’s almost 9:00 and she is still awake!” However as I listen closer I realize she is singing the Trisagion hymn: Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, Have mercy on us. In Liturgy this is sung three times, but to our … [Read more...]