How A Southern Baptist Minister Found His Way To Eastern Orthodoxy

The Story of Pastor Robert Frisby How does a former Southern Baptist minister find his way into the Eastern Orthodox Church? It was a long and winding road for Bob and Laurel Frisby and two of their grandchildren. Bob spent his childhood and early teens without a church to call home. He was what he calls, “a lay me down to sleep Christian.” Bedtime prayers and an occasional foray to church were the extent of his religious upbringing. Bob grew up fairly oblivious to what it meant to be a Christian but all that was to change in the autumn of 1974. Bill, Bob’s identical twin brother, was killed in a car wreck while drag-racing on a country … [Read more...]

Christless Church or Churchless Christ?

by Fr. Peter Gillquist One day years ago I was handed a tract entitled, "Which Church Saves?" I recall immediately disliking it, just by the cover. It looked like a con-job treatment of an incredibly serious topic. In today's terms, it was hype. But I went ahead and read it anyway. Predictably, the author took a poke at many of the various denominations in Christendom, particularly at those with strong historical roots. Then, he went on to tell his readers that when all is said and done, the Church really never was all that crucial to our salvation in the first place. All you need is Jesus. I remember thinking to myself, "Jesus is … [Read more...]

Strangling On Opinions

by Fr. Apostolos Hill This excellent article comes to us from the excellent blog Again And Again In Peace. I’ve been enthralled over the last few days with a book sent to me by an associate of mine, an out-of-state Protestant minister who has been investigating Holy Orthodoxy and whose travels have taken him into the Denver area a couple of times. More about the book later in this essay, but the pastor himself has already paid a price for his interest in the Orthodox Church. Seems that once his denominational leadership discovered that he was seriously investigating the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church they summarily … [Read more...]

How Christ Changed A Muslim Imam

It doesn't get any better than this. Enjoy, and proclaim the Gospel! This is the story of a man who used to seek out Christians on the way to Church to beat them, now, after an encounter with Christ, has left Islam and is studying and working as a missionary! Thanks be to God! Thanks be to God - a whole new generation of St. Pauls! … [Read more...]