The Light Of Christ In Kurdistan

From An interview with Seraphim Maamdi, an Orthodox Kurd Out of the thirty million Kurds living in the world, the great majority confess Islam, while the lesser part practices Yazidism. According to the 2002 census, there are 19,600 Moslem Kurds and 31,300 Yazidi Kurds living in Russia. Few know that at the present time, representatives of these people are coming to Orthodoxy and becoming members of the Russian Orthodox Church. Seraphim Maamdi talks about this in more detail. —Seraphim, please tell us about yourself, and how you came to the Orthodox faith. —I was born and raised in [the country of] … [Read more...]

I Will Protect My Parishioners, No Matter What

Interview with Schema-Hegumen Nektariy Haji-Petropoulos, abbot of Holy Trinity Skete in Mexico City This is an excellent article on a Greek hieromonk serving mostly Russians in Mexico City! That is real Orthodox Christianity. Abbot Nektariy Haji-Petropoulos is an historic figure in the modern Russian Orthodox Church, say the parishioners of Holy Trinity Skete in Mexico City.  In a short period of time, Fr. Nektariy and two other monks, in whose veins flows not one drop of Russian blood, have opened a Russian monastery in the heart of the Mexican capital, around which has formed a sizable Russian community. Abbot Nektariy is … [Read more...]

Deep Roots In Fresh Soil

Orthodox Christianity Comes To Erie, Colorado 250-member St. Luke grew from tiny Lafayette church established nearly two decades ago By John Aguilar The building is brand-new, the land never before scraped, but the site in Erie where St. Luke Orthodox Christian Church now sits has roots going back nearly two millennia. A vivid, larger than life-size image of the Virgin Mary, accompanied by a young Jesus, stretches her arms out above the altar. The Messiah — surrounded by painted prophets — gazes down from the dome inside the church's temple, which is adorned with Byzantine arches and columns. There's no organ here — … [Read more...]


Rastas and Orthodoxy Part Seven of Seven! RTE: I hope you both get there. Looking back, after this wonderful journey, what do you feel that you’ve brought to Orthodoxy from your Rasta experience that could help other Orthodox converts, especially those from a more middle-class background? MICHAEL: Living simple. Seeing your brother as yourself. Seeing people not just as a part of you, but as a part of God because He created them. The real Rasta people saw that, and these were the things that first attracted us. I think that Orthodox people as a whole need to do a lot of work on their diet, nutrition, a simple lifestyle. I’ve … [Read more...]