Clergy Questions

You may have come to this site for a few reasons;

  • Reading the Apostolic and early Church fathers has revealed what the ancient Church was like, and you are recognizing it in Orthodoxy
  • The moral compass of western Christianity is loose, and following the culture, rather than leading it
  • Your own church has completely lost its ethical moorings, and you’re looking for a church you don’t have to save, but the One which will save you;
  • You’re tired of wondering what will pass for Christianity when your grandchildren need to learn the faith;
  • You can no longer reconcile what you believe, and what you are doing, and are compelled to follow Christ to his Church
  • The Spirit of God is leading you, and you have to follow

Whether you are active in parish ministry or not, you know you’re on a journey, and that path is uncharted in your experience, but no longer. We’ve been down this path ourselves, and have helped a multitude make the trip.

Have you helped anyone of my background before?

Possibly. We know formerly clergy from Roman Catholic, Anglican, Episcopalian, Reformed, Lutheran, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Assemblies of God, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Evangelical, Harvest Chapel, Vineyard, Convergence, Muslim, Mormon, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, and more spiritual leaders and clergy who have made the journey to Orthodoxy – many of whom now serve as Orthodox clergy (bishops, priests, deacons, subdeacons, readers). Some are now monks and nuns!

Men and women who are white, black, asian, hispanic, and everything in between have found the Orthodox Church to be their true home. As we have said, you’re not alone!

I’m a clergyman. I’m pretty sure I’m on the journey. How can you help me?

Many of us were where you are right now. When you contact us, we will listen as you share your situation in confidence, and help encourage you to follow the Lord. We will put you in touch with senior clergy who themselves have walked the path you are on, and who are helping others right now. Many of them brought their parishes with them into the Orthodox faith. Some came alone. We also know exactly what to do and how to do it. Be patient, and be bold! The Lord sent His Apostles out two by two. We won’t leave you to be alone on this journey.

My parish and I are on a journey together, and I think it will end in the Orthodox faith. Can you give us any guidance, advice, or help?

Yes, we reallly can. No one is better equipped to discretely help you make this journey, and we are helping others do it discretely right now. You are not the only one’s who have been through this experience. We can put you in touch with men who  have successfully made the transition with their own parishes, and will help you do so as well. Relax! We are helpful, discrete, and ready to make what seems like a difficult (but necessary) journey a wonderful trip. 

Isn’t the Orthodox Church too ‘ethnic’ for someone like me? 

Orthodoxy has 300 million members worldwide, and on every contintent. Here in America folks who are black, white, asian, hispanic and more have found their local Orthodox parish to be their true home, and, as previously mentioned, have gone on to serve as clergy or monastics. Many have discovered the Orthodox church to be far less ‘monochromatic’ than their old churches. Truth is, we have members just like you. So, what’s your excuse? 

I need to talk to you discretely. Can I trust you to work with me as I work through things? 

Yes, and here’s why. The Church will be here. Let’s go over that again. The Church will be here when it is time. The Church will be here when you’re ready. The Church will be here when your great-grandchildren need to learn the Christian faith. The Church will be here for every member of your family and flock. 

The Church will be here when you’re ready. You don’t need to sacrifice truth for the sake of love, nor love for the sake of truth. We’ve been there, and we know the way. We’re here to help you, and your entire flock, find what you’re looking for.

We’re here to help you now for whatever time you need. Get in touch with us today.

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