Orthodox Priest Explains Why Many People in the West are Converting to Orthodox Christianity

It is not a surprise that many Catholics adhering to traditional values are converting to conservative Orthodoxy. The secret is out.

In this wonderful, 4-minute video, Fr. Andrey brings us the news about Orthodox Christianity (the form of Christianity practiced by Russians).

Orthodox Christianity may be the oldest form of Christianity, but it’s becoming “in” in some parts of the modern world. As many Christian churches move farther away from their roots by embracing liberal ideas, people strain to find a more traditional, authentic form of Christianity.

For many, that search brings them to the Orthodox Church.

Sure, it’s been years since some of the things Fr. Andrey talks about, but, hey, mainstream media has yet to tell us about it.

  • There have been mass conversions to Orthodoxy among young, educated Turks
  • Turkish Deputy Seline Sayek publicly announced her conversion to Orthodoxy
  • Tom Hanks, (legendary actor of the film Forrest Gump), converted to the Orthodox Church when he married Rita Wilson.
  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa of Mortal Kombat fame,
  • and many others.


  1. How true is it about Turks converting to Orthodoxy? This is the first time I’ve heard about it. Glory to God if it is indeed true

  2. Jari Haukka says:

    It is a bit inaccurate to state that orthodoxy is “the form of Christianity practiced by Russians”. There are many other people in orthodox faith. Being orthodox is not connected being ethnic Russian.

  3. It is entirely accurate to state the Orthodoxy is ‘the form of Christianity practiced by the Russians.’ That is absolutely true. Perhaps you misunderstood what was said. It does NOT say practiced by the Russians exclusively.

  4. Ephesians 4:5,6 . If this is True, with a capital T, how many forms of Christianity can there be? I grew up believing the Church of England was the form of Christianity practiced by the English, the Russian Orthodoxy (Catacombs) was the form practiced by the Russians, and when I met my husband I thought the Greek Orthodox, New Calendar, was the form practiced by the Greeks. Until I read the encyclical from the Orthodox to the Roman Catholics as to why unity as they desired it was undesirable to the Faith of Christ. Branch Theory and ecumenism are incompatible with the teaching of one Truth. There can only ever be one form of Christianity, one Salvific Sacramental life in which we enter into the One Body of Christ. This revelation and Good News is what, as Christians we are beholden to teach and what sincere repentant sinners are beholden to seek. (Regardless of the Orthodox understanding of God’s mercy and love for all mankind, in which all things are possible)

  5. Fiona, we hope for the salvation of all, but we don’t pretend it’s a bygone conclusion, which is why we are so busy preaching, teaching, living, and dying for, the Gospel of Christ.

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