Group of Catholics in Argentina Convert to Orthodoxy


ignatyThis just in! A group of Catholics in Argentine decide to convert in Orthodoxy after Patriarch Kirill’s sermon. A collective of the Caritas charitable organization in Argentinian Curuzu decided to adopt Orthodoxy as they were deeply impressed by Patriarch Kirill’s sermon during his tour to Latin America this February.

“During the patriarch’s visit he (a Caritas official from Curuzu) watched the translation from Asuncion. He was deeply touched by our primate’s words and the fact that he visited a small provincial town Asuncion and serve in a small church and said a wonderful sermon,” Metropolitan Ignaty of Argentina and South America said on air the Soyuz TV channel.

“He started studying Orthodoxy and eventually together with his staff, there are about twenty people, decided to convert into the Orthodox faith,” the hierarch said.

According to the metropolitan, his name is Ernesto, now he is taking a distant course in a seminary and is going to become a priest. Besides, together with his companions they built a small church.

The metropolitan also told about a Catholic monastery in Brazilian Santa Rosa, where they venerate Orthodox icons and even learned to make them in the Russian style.

He points out to a great interest to Russian culture in South America. Many people learn Russian, there are clubs dedicated to Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Leo Tolstoy, Russian movies based on classical literature are very popular, an emigrant from Russia chairs the faculty of the Russian Literature in Sao Paulo University where she managed to attract a collective of the best translators who translate Russian classics into the Portugese language.



Group of Catholics in Argentina Convert to Orthodoxy


  1. Great news. However, it very important to notice that great Russian culture and orthodox faith are two different things. E.g. writer LeoTolstoy was an atheist and was excommunicated from the Russian Orthodox Church 1901.

    Orthodox faith is for all people, orthodox faith is not “Russian”. “Russian Orthodox Church” means just part of Church working in Russia, just like “Greek Orthodox Church” in Greece or “Orthodox Church of Finland” in Finland.

  2. Absolutely correct. And anyone who reads Journey To Orthodoxy regularly could come to no other conclusion. Thanks for writing!

  3. Really interested in Orthodoxy. I do however not regret being raised as a Catholic. Is it possible to appreciate a Catholic upbringing even after becoming Orthodox?

  4. Anonamiss, I know many former Catholics in our faith, and not one of them has a lack of appreciation for their upbringing as a Catholic. Most of them have actually said, “In order to remain a Catholic, I MUST become Orthodox.”

    You’ll be in good company.

  5. Hello all,
    I’m living in south Argentina, I’ll like to know if ther is any mission here in the patagonia, to make contact to?
    Thanks, Dario.

  6. Fr. John says:

    Dario, to find out about Orthodoxy in your area, please contact the Russian Orthodox Church in Buenos Aires.

    I’m sure once you contact them, they will point you in the right direction and help you make contacts.

    And let us know how it goes!

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