My Conversion to Eastern Orthodox Christianity

by Jason Terpack

A former Protestant pastor, Jason tells his own story with honesty recounting the journey to Orthodox Christianity he took and what it meant. 





My Conversion to Eastern Orthodox Christianity


  1. David E. Rockett says:

    thank you brother…good balance and good job in less than 20 mins! Lord have mercy

  2. Michel Zeidan says:

    God bless you dear Jason….Being born Orthodox, some of us take for granted what we have and do not apprecite it, as we should, till we discover a journey like yours seeking the Truth. Lord have mercy on us all….

  3. Thank you Jason. This is beautiful.

  4. Jason Terpack says:

    Thank you all for your comments (just now saw them) and to Fr. John for posting.

    Asking your prayers, for me a sinner?


  5. Richard Mohr says:

    Thank you, Jason! How was your wife’s response to this process you’ve described?

    Some might ask, “What if Church History were taught in churches, without denominational biases?” Well, I had Church History when I was at Fuller Theological Seminary. Fuller is an Evangelical seminary, not a denominational one. As did many other students, I accepted the divisions as reality that wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. I didn’t know of anyone that seriously thought that the divisions required some deep thinking about the Protestant world, except for a fellow that identified himself to me one day more than thirty years ago as a “closet Catholic.” That made no sense to me, given our Reformation origins. I don’t remember if he told me his reasons.

    Each of us converts has our own story. I hope more of them get put here.

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